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super fun game but for some reason when I completed the formula the game stopped. I could still move and walk around and I stopped shrinking but never got the "You Win" screen and the "I've stopped shrinking... How do I get bigger?" text never popped up

Great game! Will review on my TikTok account in the coming days. You really made me sweat 😅

crashes on startup on Linux. XIO: fatal IO error 2 (No such file or directory) on X server ":1"

This game was quite short but with a bit of replayability which is good, I like the concept and I definetley think it's good enough for a full game. The timer idea is neat and good with a leaderboard. Overall a solid 8.5/10, has some shortcomings like the controls as you shrink but still really good.

I think I've seen this on YouTube like a while ago


A great problem for a game. I did notice you need to add an end and victory screen at the end, however, Racing against the clock and stressing over if I had grabbed everything that may be out of reach in a few seconds had me on edge.


This was so good, I was extremely close to not being able to make it on scientist difficulty

Really enjoyed this one man, really felt like a race against the clock, good work brother.

It's a really good game, short history but very funny and relaxing


It was a pretty great experience. One thing; I placed a box in front of the seat under the table, when opening the cabinet in front of it, the box got stuck under the table and I wasn't able to move neither the box neither the chair

I wanted to download it (because it was the only option) but it keeps saying (Failed-Virus scan failed) Does anybody know how to fix this?


i bough this for like 5 bucks on steam a year ago :{ didnt know what was


Sorry for the confusion!
The Steam version is $3 – and while the version is Pay What You Want, you do get achievements with Steam!


since I bought it so long ago I had forgotten the price,  however I don't mind having paid for it as it is an amazing game.

one of my favourite games I have played ever

this game is AWESOME but can you add VR or multiplayer?

its really laggy for some reason

Sorry to hear! Have you tried turning off the post fx/processing in the settings?

reduce your graphics settings

I have a potato pc and the game isn't harsh on the CPU


It's a really cool game! Nice idea and graphics, the playability works very well.


WOOW this is awesome. got it on sale or something months ago and I've realized it's waiting for me in the library. The mechanics are really original and funny :D

I really want to play so plz make the game fre

You can download and play the game for free: After pressing "Download Now" you have to click "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" right above the price input field!

I downloaded the mac OS version beacause im from mac OS ad the game dont will open


I've just uploaded a macOS version "2020" - can you download and try that one?
There have been a number of security updates in macOS, too, so you will probably have to manually allow mac to run the app.

Thank you it worked with the 2020 version 

Glad to hear!

How do I get in the game do I have to be on PC?

There's versions available for Windows, Linux and macOS.

After clicking "Download Now" you can pay what you want or select the option to get the game for free; afterwards you can download the right version for your operating system!

My mouse in-game goes up without me doing it, it looks up towards the ceiling and I can't control it. Has this happened to someone else?

Sorry to hear that!
I think we've had similar issues like this in the past – do you maybe also have a game controller connected, by any chance? If so, you could try to disconnect it before starting the game and see if the problem still occurs.

Yea I had a controller in, unplugged it and the mouse and restarted. After all was good ^^ GREAT game btw :)))

Ah, sweet! And thank you! :D

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I have been trying to launch this game for days now and can't seem to find out how to do it. I am trying to launch this game on Linux, my computer is an Acer Chromebook Spin 11. Can anyone help me? The app also won't start up, it just loads on forever.

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I thought this game was so so good. I've been playing it the past two days and had to make a video on it.



This was a really cool game!

uhh i know, im late here, but i think it's my videoboard, but the game colors are so, idk, like texture errors? sounds like the game itself, bc i tested in the gaming pc of my friend and same, some solution? or my pc trash and he got an possesed pc?

Oof, I think I saw a similar issue on an old notebook one, which is why also assumed it was a problem with the graphics card, or some such... But that doesn't explain why you had issues on the other PC, as well. 

Have you tried turning of "Post FX" in the graphics setting? Those sometimes cause problems, but otherwise I'd have to look further into it!

oh sorry, it was my graphics card, thx anyway, but in the other pc, it was the post FX, very cool game bro!

Really interesting game!



WOOOOOOOOW, its a good game. and funny to play!!!!!!!

Thank You!!!

Good game, good models. I loved it, it has humor, it had a challenge. Mixing random ingridients to get a potion to start growing, is funny and pleasing to play.

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Inch by Inch not running on Linux if you use wine

Sorry to hear! What distro do you use?

originally Wine and PopOs but i fixed it by using itch

have you tried beer?


Nice pun


This game is great! I saw my fav youtuber DanTDM play this game so I wanted to try it out and I am started to liking it. Keep up the good work!

Great game! Have you considered making it vr compatible? I think it would work great with roomscale and a teleportation mechanic that changes effectiveness relative to you size...

Glad you like it! :)
And we definitely have considered it! At the moment there are no concrete plans to port it to VR, however; mostly because we curently lack the necessary equipment and making it VR compatible would require large rewrites of the entire game, unfortunately - but we'll definitely keep it in mind!


amazing game

Are you now making it into a full game with Size Matters or did someone steal your idea?

Hi, there! Size Matters is a separate game that has taken a lot of inspiration from Inch by Inch; here's a thread about the situation, over at: Steam:

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Couple Suggestions:

1) Maybe have a couple of maps to choose from. It would be nice to change up the room.

2) Maybe have a list of names for the potions that players can change so they can have their own potion names. Ex: Vividiom (not the best namer)

3) It almost seems kind of sad being in the room because it is so grey. Maybe liven up the room a bit.

How long does it take with a shrinking factor of 1 to get to the end height?

Oof... if my math isn't off it's like ~11 minutes, I think?

is there other potions you can make

besides ????? and the keys?

Only the ones from the formulas to create the key ingredients, I'm afraid!

("?????" is just a stand in for anything that is an unknown/undesired result)


The game play very laggy in my i5 with drivers installed and up to date with low quality.

Sorry to hear that! Have you also tried deactivating all of the post-processing effects?

Yep, all Graphic setting off and low. Still laggy :(

try put it on low in main settings then go to advanced and press the preset and click the off preset

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